The Dotm Story


Dotm was developed as a brand to help provide a unique touch for the modern day professional. This is the type of person that wants to elevate themselves without being considered “the fashionable person”. It was built for everyday professionals to stand out in a crowd but also fit in.

The name Dotm originated from the term “due-out-to-maintenance”. It came while I was searching for names that stood for on-going movement. I always believed that fashion brands and the person wearing these garments is a never-ending cycle that is continuously being developed. There shouldn’t be a person or a brand that ever stands still in the way they define themselves, therefore, as businesses and individuals we are always “due-out-to-maintenance”.



After understanding I wanted to take on the clothing brand journey, my goal was to always figure out a way to have the best fit clothes. I started learning how to make patterns and made my first garment in my apartment, and stitched everything together with safety pins—guess what, it worked! 

I continued down this journey and started working with more complex fabrics and patterns. I brought on help for my tech packs because the details of pants and shirts were something I couldn’t handle on my own as a beginner. Eventually, the first prototype of Iceman Camouflage was built in late-2017 (and in a mandarin collar shirt). This is the moment I knew I wanted to make more than t-shirts, I wanted to make every item of clothing that I wore daily, and build a brand around it.